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MagiMation are animation workshops for young people aged between 10 and 14 ish. Run by Tim Edwards of uniQpictures ( and these fun and informative workshops allow the free-flowing creation of typical animated narratives - explosions, hideous deaths, dinosaurs, aliens, parody and satire all played out through the mediums of plasticine, Lego (TM), objects and toys.

Some are held at Norwich Puppet Theatre ( in Norfolk, UK. (some of the workshops, that is.)

Many of these films are used on the LOCOG / BBC Big Screen network throughout the UK as examples of locally generated material that can be shown. We are proud to be involved with these screens - especially when we were shown at Glastonbury music festival! (shame we didn't get invited).

The participants have advanced greatly in their animation skills and I look forward to seeing their names attached to great projects in the future.

Email me at (if you like).

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  1. Love this video, great work by all the children. My daughter Hannah loved the course and can't wait to come on the next one. Thanks again.