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MAGNIFICENTIA grows from the seeds you plant.
She is a living organism, born of ideas and imagination.
Over time, this space will evolve to form a creative landscape that is comprised of your sounds, visions, words and emotions.
Share with the world, and be remixed by some of the world’s most respected artists.


  1. ANTIVJ is a visual label
  2. Elliot Woods
  3. dotdotdot
  4. andreas karlen
  5. v3ga
  6. Kyle McLean
  7. Nathan Byrne
  8. Marcia Jane
  9. michael pulsford
  10. Matt Leaf
  11. Alexander Graf
  12. Benk
  13. n1ente
  14. mr.v
  15. mark reid
  16. Celeste Network
  18. A N F

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