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Magpie Project (series) needs your Creativity

We are bringing awareness to the 'Corruption of Privacy' originating from the Online Realm.

The network of the web opens up the possibilities of covert surveillance using webcams. Resulting in an invasion of people’s privacy, wiretapping into peoples once secret lives (Behind the once safe space of the drawn curtains).

Would you like to participate by contributing a video clip?

We will be producing an Online Series of the content sent in, linking responses together. A 36 video screen wall randomly showing all captured footage will also be Online.

Style of clip: The idea is that you are being spied on so film in a way that you are not aware the 'Web Camera' is on you. The view can be from any possibly web cam perspective.
Length of clip Guideline: Between 30 seconds & 3 minutes.
Content of clip: Creative

The disclosure of private information online has made feasible, the collection of your most intimate details and desires.

However, a more sinister and threatening development has evolved, unquestioned.

Observations are now taking place in your most secret and private spaces.

To be constantly aware of people’s actions, thoughts, dreams, ideas and deceptions is now a reality.

The formulation of a complete understanding of the human psyche will enable its control and manipulation.

Invasion of people’s privacy is now possible by covert surveillance using webcams. Wiretapping into people’s once secret lives.

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