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From future Nobel Prize winners, designers, chefs, TV personalities and pop stars to shamans, poets, rugby players, futurists, artists and scholars; to mention a few.

We aim to document as much as possible of great talks, seminars and other events we find interesting. If you feel you should be included, send us a message or go to, @magusstudio on Twitter.

Coming soon: Javier Marias, Deborah Moggach, Sir Roy Strong, Kaffe Fassett, AC Grayling, Mike Jenner, Raymond Feist, Nathan Filer, Lionel Shriver, Margaret Atwood, Paula Byrne, Samantha Shannon, Deb Perelman, A.C. Grayling (again), Max Hastings, Makiko Sano, Alexander McCall Smith and Morag Joss, Jung Chang, Gavin Turk, Alex Mackay, Jasper Gibson...

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