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Isaac Maine is the third son in a row of five and was born in Belgium. He raised with his brothers and parents in the woods of Waardamme. His mom always said he started drumming when she was 7 months pregnant of him. Then she went to a concert, was seated on the first row in front of the drummer, and since that moment the beat became alive :-) At the age of 5 he built his own drumkit with washing powder boxes; the lids of mummy's stewpans functioned as cymbals. At the age of nine he went to music school till he was 18. During that time he played in a band "Catcher in the Rye" and was famous all over the country.

After that period he wanted to know more about the different percussion instruments. So he went to Cape Town where he lived for 2 years. During that period he became more experienced on the african drums and soon the locals called him "Mister White Skin, Black Soul". Back in Belgium, he started playing percussion during DJ sets. A new world was born. Soon he became famous as 'The Bongoman' and was a more than welcome guest musician in clubs all over the country. He went on tour with different DJ's and played all over Europe. It gave him a good experience.

But of course, the man with the second name 'ambition' wanted more. In the year 2000 he bought himself a music PC, some different percussion instruments from all over the world and started making his own music. The result? A DJ PLAYING LIVE PERCUSSION DURING HIS SETS. A must to see & experience! He has his own liveband T.I.M.E... a combination of DJing, VJing and live musicians (piano, saxophone, vocals & percussion). With this band he played on different ouvertures, anniversaries and trendy parties (Dexia, Panasonic, Makita, Roland, Volvo, ...). He also composed music for Panasonic, Volvo, Citroën & some fashion bureaus.

In 2005 - 2006 - 2007 he managed the artistic merchandising for Côte d'Or Belgium. In May 2007 he played percussion at the erotic theatre show of Inja ( EROTIKON ( and at the launch of the Toyota Tonero in Marbella.

You can book him as a DJ, a VJ, a percussion player or as a special personalised act for your party or company event. He's also busy with a whole new show bringing music, art & consciousminded acts. DJ - VJ - AJ & Live Percussion. T.I.M.E... will tell... The alter-eega of that project is called X-Perience... where vision becomes sound, where sound becomes visible...'This will be launched in a few months. Expect the unexpected...

TriggStar X1 is the latest project of Isaac Maine and brings music triggered by motion. Where music becomes motion, where motion becomes music. Listen with your eyes, indeed.

Isaac Maine... LOVE music 4 LOVE people!

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