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Majesty is a truly independent freeski company.
Majesty was created to design and make skis for people who think prospectively about technology and graphic design. From the early days, the founders of Majesty had envisaged skis that would change the freeskiing scene. The company stands for excellent craftsmanship and visionary ideas. What makes Majesty so special is the fact that we encourage a dialog between the manufacturer and people who love skiing. That is why we are able to make skis that are pure pleasure to ride. Great structural properties and excellent craftsmanship of our skis guarantee durability during rail tricks, ensure top-notch amusement in snow parks and equal excitement when riding either off-piste or on slopes. Majesty is the brand to be associated with the SKIS4TREES Project, 2D hybrid technology, Tech Conspiracy and the idea of uniting sports with art, especially by emphasizing the unique fusion of design, technology and sports performance.

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