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We are two French creative workers currently residing in Shanghai. In 2007, we founded “Make Me” with the aim to outstand from the extremely competitive video production market with our specialty. Today, after four years, we have accomplished the mission with great success and earned the trust of many customers in which each of them shares a certain characteristics of ours. Our uniqueness helps us to develop our business successfully and is what we utilize to serve our customers and help them to establish their brands.

Our expectation is to “reveal the originality of a brand, its characteristics, and its unique world”. Ultimate creativity is what we stand on from the very beginning. On top of that, we hope to add "a little extra human element", something essential to us. Communication and advertising mean more than quick and short images to us. We want to emphasize the values that bring people together instead of separating them, and the bond and desire created by such values become a very important part of our work.

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