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Everyone struggles with life issues. It could be trouble with your job, your wife, your husband, your children or any one of a multitude of other challenges. Whatever the problem, you've probably found yourself wishing for a quick fix. And, somebody out there was probably more than willing to promise you one. The problem with quick fixes is that they do not last. Only the timeless principles of God's Word can bring lasting change in our lives.Making Life Count" is dedicated to presenting those principles in a way that you can actually put them to use in your everyday life. Marc Limbaugh has a unique way of presenting truth that is easily understood; examples that are practical and compelling; and humor that will make you laugh and learn at the same time.We believe we can help you live life and fulfill your destiny in an effective and joyful way. We don't have any quick fixes for you - they usually leave as quickly as they come. But, we'd love to help you make a permanent change in your life. A change that will truly make your life count.

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