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I'm just a guy with a camera and a big imagination. I live in Pennsylvania, I like video games and music, I do a lot of writing, and I drink a lot of tea.

I started reading pretty early, and by the time I was in 6th grade I could read at a college level with total understanding. I've always loved books, movies, and video games, not necessarily for the entertainment aspect of them alone. Rather, I get my biggest thrill from immersing myself in another world, filled with lives and stories and characters and laws and cultures and magic and mystery and sadness and lust and growth and, and a thousand other amazing, incredible things. And for a long time now, I've wanted to be the one who created the next world and the next characters and the next stories so that the next kid like me could feel that same magic that I felt.

Maybe it's silly of me, but hey. I'm a silly guy.

Oh, also I'm a rapper.

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