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It takes me a very long time to think of things to write in my Bio, I've never really come up with one that I actually like. I have the same trouble writing those god awful Personal Statement parts on applications and stuff.

Either I'm such a facinatingly dynamic person with so many facets to my life and personality that nothing I ever write down could possibly capture even a tiny fragment of something vaguely meaningful in the way of a description;

OR, I'm really just very dull and have very little of any interest to say.

Were I forced, by some kind of fancy alien IMPERATIVE RAY, to settle on one of the above possibilities, I would undoubtably plump for the former. However I would be left wondering, had that IMPERATIVE RAY been fitted with the ANTI-TRUTH EXECUTOR-MO-TRON, I probably wouldn't be around to endure the doubtful looks of my interrogators.


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