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ManaFilms offers a whole range of multimedia creative and production services. Our international and local expertise applies to all stages of video production, from seed project development to distribution, from your documenting your family history to producing broadcast quality documentaries, promotional or educational material. Our knowledge is in our people, our strength in our families, our inspiration is in the land.
Speak to us! (06) 377 20 39 / 0277240700

MANAFilms has been in existence since 1998, first based in Darwin, NT of Australia until 2008, and now based in Masterton, NZ. We currently produce and direct in both countries.
Our focus is to produce quality documentaries and educational resources, to empower community groups to use video and record significant cultural events, family history and the stories about the land which sustains them.

Operating in a multicultural and multilingual context, we are strongly committed to a community development approach, to operate within cultural frameworks and with cultural sensitivity, and to cooperate closely with our partners at all stages of the creative process and provide training as required.
Our teams are small and versatile, we work with you and for you.

MANAFIlms and consultancy also offers anthropological and oral history research, inter-cultural communication expertise and services.

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