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  1. Daniel Grant csc
  2. burhan qurbani

    burhan qurbani berlin


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    writer and film director from germany

  3. BIEFF

    BIEFF Bucharest, Romania


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    BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL (BIEFF), Romania, is the first and only showcase of experimental film in Romania, aimed at bringing in front of the audience highly innovative films, both in content and style, filmmakers with strong personal views on contemporary reality, which also…

  4. Ali Asgari
  5. David Victori

    David Victori Plus Barcelona


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    ABOUT ME World Winner of Youtube's first Film Festival organized with Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender. Selected by Variety as one of the ten Spanish directors to follow in the coming years. Currently residing in Los Angeles and represented by CAA. Personal Assistant to the veteran Spanish…

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