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I'm a highly creative, Brighton based Videographer & Photographer with many years professional experience. I shoot, edit and create motion graphics.

My video production career kicked off in Montpellier as a camera operator, editor and motion graphic artist in 2004, for an extreme sports company called 'Kaleo' (kaleo.pro). Upon returning to the UK, I branched off into different areas (Media & Photography Technician), but have always been firmly rooted in creative projects, freelancing all the while.

My experience includes working as an edit assistant at Ricochet (Cowboy Builders, Food unwrapped), creating motion graphics at 'Four Eyes TV' (foureyes.tv), which was broadcast on the discovery channel, editing and shooting for Fat Sand (fatsand.com).

In 2013, I launched my own video production company 'Manoeuvre' (manoeuvrecreations.com).

This year is all about creating videos of real interest to me, such as music, cycling & travel. I've just finished a video for Pedro Martins, a professional guitar repair man from Brazil, living in Hove. For my next project, I am working with 'Cranks', (cranks.org.uk) a voluntary bicycle repair scheme in Kemptown. (Main video on page)

Aside from videography, I am also a certified Google Photographer who creates virtual tours for businesses (brighton360.co.uk) as well as a professional guitarist. I post guitar lessons on my you tube page (youtube.com/user/oliverelmes) and I play regularly with my band 'Photograms' (photogramsband.com).

Other interests include cooking, eating what I've cooked, travelling and cycling. I bloody love cycling! I also speak French to a very high standard and have conversational Spanish.

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