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I am a vocal impressionist who covers most anyone who's anyone in popular music; from Sinatra to Springsteen and beyond. What you see here are not impersonations as much as they are vocal impressions. I have chosen a dozen icons that I'm hoping to use costumes and wigs to look like and then take it to the next level. I'm also hoping to attract a backer/financier who's willing to invest in my one man show-- "I am Legends". I plan to impersonate the best known icons in music, but am lacking the necessary costumes, wigs and funding to do so. A gentleman by the name of Danny Gans did much the same thing in Las Vegas and was named entertainer of the year a record number of times, all the while earning millions. Sadly, Danny passed away in 2009 so I'm hoping to pick up the torch and carry it in his place. If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to my channel on youtube (under 'the man of 1000 voices'). If you're interested in possibly backing my one man show, please contact me at Thanks!

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