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Chichicastenango, Guatemala

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Pray America is a 501c3 organization that began in the late 1980's to serve those in need in Central America. The ministry settled in 2003 in Chichicastenango, Guatemala with a mission house for prayer and mission teams and with James 1:27 as a foundation. The Guatemalan name of the organization is Manos de Jesus (Hands of Jesus).

Each year approximately one hundred homes for widows are built, and twice each week approximately 750 children and widows are taught biblical lessons and they are fed nutritionally balanced meals. In 2008, the Monte Flor Care center was added with the vision to care for, educate, feed and heal Guatemalans in need in the Chichicastenango area. For more information on this ministry please visit

All Manos de Jesus videos are free to download and are free to use for ministry support puroses. All videos posted here have "Share Alike" properties. See the link below for more informatiion.

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