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Mantis Shrimp: This underwater dwelling creature has the ability to see more colors than any other organism alive today. The mantis shrimp can see from infrared to ultraviolet light on the light spectrum. In short it see life in a whole different light

Mantis Films: In correlation with the Mantis shrimp, the goal of Mantis films is to create films that show you life or an idea from a different view, a different thought, a different light. The goal of Mantis Films is to be able to create films that can inspire, educate, move, and open people's eyes to different ideas and concepts. Furthermore, our goal at Mantis Films is to create work that will one day bridge the very evident gap between the East and West and open people to ideas and concepts they may have not previously considered.

We at Mantis Films practice and preach doing what you love and we demonstrate it through every piece of work we produce.

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