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Manuela Barile is an italian artist who lives and works in Portugal in the rural region of the mountain range of Gralheira (S. Pedro do Sul Municipality) since 2006. Here she develops place-based projects working in close contact with the local communities taking in account specific aspects of the territory such as tradition, memory, the architecture and history of the places, symbols and rituals deposited as indelible signs in the ground.
Her artistic works combine sound and visual antropology, documentary, video art, performance art and vocal performance, touching intimate issues like death, poverty, work, happiness, emigration, etc.
Her artistic approach is a continue investigation on reality, about being in the world, about personal experience.
Using as a starting point her existence and that one of ordinary people, the work of Manuela Barile is capable of transforming individual experience into a place for collective projection.
As singer performer, in 2001 she embarked on a personal journey in the area of vocal experimentation applied to free improvisation. The artist based it on "extended vocal techniques" focused on the relationship between voice, body, soundscape and acoustic properties of places. Through her sounds, the artist seeks to give voice to distant echoes hard to express with words.
Manuela Barile is the artistic director of Binaural/Nodar, a Portuguese cultural organization dedicated to the promotion of sound and media arts in a rural context.
Her audiovisual works have been shown in various festivals: Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Cologne OFF, Optica, Videoholica, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Camden (US), etc.

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