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MAPP International Productions is a unique performing arts organization that produces the work of artists who take risks with content, form and creative process. We connect artists with presenters and public communities to bring their works both to the stage and into peoples' lives, provoking dialogue and inspiring engagement with contemporary culture.

At MAPP, we envision the performing arts as agents of change. This vision is realized by supporting work that offers fresh interpretations of contemporary society, elucidates diverse cultures, encourages critical thinking, and builds understanding and tolerance. In advocating for vital artistic exchange across borders, we do not distinguish between U.S. and international work; rather, we embrace a global network and foster multidirectional infiltration and invigoration. MAPP builds sustainable and continually evolving networks of artists, arts organizers, presenters and public communities through research, workshops, residencies, performances and the production and touring of new performing arts projects.

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