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  1. 04:39


    by MAPP International

    1 Video

    Lars Jan 5-minute presentation about Holoscenes Produced by MAPP International Productions

  2. 01:42:53

    America Project Commission: Blood Muscle Bone

    by MAPP International

    2 Videos

    Blood Muscle Bone work in process performance at JCC, Manhattan April 2013. Blood Muscle Bone, by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Liz Lerman, is the 2013 America Project Commission of MAPP International…

  3. 03:04:10

    TALES OF HOME: Congo/Mozambique

    by MAPP International

    1 Video

    A two-evening program featuring two exceptional contemporary choreographers from the African continent. Faustin Linyekula performs "Le Cargo" and Panaibra Gabriel Canda performs (with Jorge…

  4. 41:23

    Blink Your Eyes Video Montage

    by MAPP International

    15 Videos

    Blink Your Eyes :Sekou Sundiata Revisited

  5. 20:13


    by MAPP International

    7 Videos

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