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Utrecht The Netherlands

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My name is Maarten Berkers, I work from my studio located in Utrecht where I produce a wide variety of projects under the name Marblart. I work with a variety of media, mixing traditional and contemporary techniques to one delicious blend.

Over the years I created illustration, animation, video and graphic content for companies like: Doom&Dickson, Selmore, MTV, BNN, Youngworks, Douwe Egberts, Ohra, ABN Amro, WWF and artists like Steen and Seymour Bits.

I always examine carefully the clients needs and expectations of a project. I've experience in small projects as well as complex large productions. Where necessary, I look out my extensive enthusiastic network of professional freelance specialists, to find right people to assist me on the project.

If your campaign, product or event need a creative approach which tickles the senses, feel free to contact me!

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