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Rio de Janeiro

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Marcelo Bernardo was born in Rio de Janeiro (1966), is a photographer, writer, poet, web design. In 1983 he graduated in photography at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Fashion Photography at Candido Mendes University (1989), Web design and Flash design in Infinet (2004), Instituto pioneer specializing in creating websites. He worked as a photographer in the studio Spot Light (1987), participating in the creation of pictures from the album "Carne Humana" Group Zero. Marcelo created in 2008 the blog "Malukinho Carioca" (blogs.myspace/marcelobernardo), which publishes its work. "My work as a poet and writer reached new ground thanks to the internet, the most democratic way to disseminate ideas and art." He has published photos in magazines and poetry in Italy (Montparnasse Cafe) Netherlands (Circumplaudo) and Argentina (psykhe). Interests: Photograph, Video, Music, Information, Technology, Design, Design, Blogs, Poetry, Literature, Sculpture; Aquitetura, 3D, Film, Editing In General, Photography, Art in General and ect ...


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