Marc Martinez Sarrado

Barcelona, Shanghai and Beijing

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My natural habitat are creative documentaries, documentary series and reportage. I particularly enjoy working in these genres because, I firmly believe, they are the best way of expressing and communicating what happens in real life. My purpose and goal, essentially, is to tell people's stories via the camera, to show the world's idiosynchrasy and to try and understand LIFE, including its conflicts and virtues.

I have filmed in more than forty countries all over the globe, mainly in poverty-stricken areas. My responsibility often included not only shooting but also field producing, sound recording and editing.

At the beginning of my trajectory, I also frequently worked as a sound mixer and videographer. But since 2004, I have focused my professional skills exclusively on camerawork as well as the directing of documentaries.

1997 onwards: cameraman, DOP, editor and ENG crew member for daily news departments, as well as in the documentary and New Formats department of Televisió de Catalunya (TVC).

Since 2004: cameraman, DOP, reporter and director working on documentary series, creative documentaries and factual programmes for key independent production companies and broadcasters in Spain and the rest of Europe.

Integral to my professional vision are a strong creative and journalistic instinct, as well as compelling non-fiction storytelling for international audiences.

Fluent English. Basic Italian and French, some understanding of Portuguese. My native languages are Spanish and Catalan (bilingual). I am based in Barcelona, with an European passport, and all my vaccines are up-to-date, should immediate travel to exotic locations anywhere in the world be required!

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