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verona, italy

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I was born in Congo from Belgian mother and Italian father: this is probably why I’m so fascinated by cultural hybridization and by extreme situations.
I began to photograph at the age of twelve and since that moment I’ve never stopped experimenting new ways to produce and use images.

I work as a commercial photographer, producing diverse sorts of photos for business communication: landscape, portrait, architecture, still life, surreal images. In my work I spend all my passion and my expertise, offering each time an original narrative.

I also work hard for myself too: for fun, research, promotion. I exhibited and published in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Poland, Greece, USA, China, Nigeria, Slovakia, Sweden, Lithuania.

Finally, I teach and use photography as a means to encourage thinking. I am a visiting professor, surrounded by prestigious colleagues at the State University of Kwara State in Nigeria. I am also called by cultural and sociale operator to propose and develop cooperation projects based on the use of photography.

I live in Verona with my wife, Loredana, and our two children, Giovanna and Carlos.

actions and story-telling photography (stills, portraits, documentary) for business communication and social improvement

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