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Venetian born Marco Cavazzana was raised in Australia, where he honed his talents for fashion and beauty under the guidance of his late father who was an influential figure within the world's beauty industry.

Marco achieved early recognition during his late teens having been featured in a top industry UK publication "Top 13 best up & coming graphic designers". His love affair and passion with the world of motion graphics & film has led to a nomination at the Nordic MTV Awards.

Marco’s talent for creating expressive and sophisticated images that push the technological boundaries have quickly made him one of the most sought out artists in the industry today.

His enigmatic image and attitude to match has acquired an ever-growing fan base that has led to him a major commission for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Top Model and MTV.

He has also recently been featured in the most prestigious edition of Vogue Magazine, Vogue Italia & global television channel Fashion TV.

Marco currently resides and works in Stockholm.

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