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Milan (Italy)

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Internal, Night, Milan.

Marco and his friend are writing Marco's Biography.

Friend: "Marco, what are you doing?" (with ironic tone) "Do you hear me? Stop fooling with that camera!I'm trying to write your biography and you're messing with that!"
Marco: "Yes, yes, I'm coming!" (with a strong Italian accent)
F: "Well... you were born in 1985...Where? In Bellaria, right? Romagna's gorgeous! Anyways... (loudly) Are you listening to me?!"
M: "Wait, I've just pressed REC!" (whit a strong Italian accent)
F: "You graduated from the IED in Milan... What did you study?"
M: "VIDEO DESIGN... Don't move... like this... ok... look up, exactly!" (with a strong Italian accent)
F: "Then... What should I write?" (annoyed tone) "That it has been your passion, that every time you listen to a song, beyond dancing like a fool, you imagine a video... ok... But, how boring!"
M: "..." (with a strong Italian accent)
F: "Would you please take away those spot lights from my eyes? And who’s is this young lady that's putting make-up on me?? Listen, at this point, write yourself your biography!!" (angry tone)
M: "CUT! Buona!" (with a strong Italian accent).

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