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Name: Marcos E. Carrasco
Link to my CG demo reels:
Languages: English and Spanish
Technical Skills:
Stereoscopic and 3D conversion: Nuke, Maya
Editing and camera tracking and compositing: Nuke, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut.
Animating: Maya, Flash and toom boom Harmony
Modeling and retopologizing: Maya, Z Brush, Topogun
Rigging: Maya
Lighting and Rendering: Maya, Mental Ray.
Crowd Simulation and Motion Capture: Massive, Vicon Blade and Autodesk MotionBuilder
Texturing and UV layout: Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Headus UV layout-Pro
I am a very disciplined creative, proactive and multi talented Artist studying a BFA in
Animation at SCAD looking for a Challenging Job in Feature Animation, Gaming or in a Media Advertising Production Company
2011-2014 BFA Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design. GA USA.
2003 Film Directing, Mariela Capriles Film School. Caracas Venezuela
1988-1992 BFA Graphic Design, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara -
Related Professional Experience:
2008 to 2010. Visual Arts and Videoart Stereoscopic Installation Artist.
1998 to 2010. Jazz musician
1990 to 2010. Free Lance Graphic Designer/ Motion Media , Photographer -Video Documentarist
2009 - 2010
Abstracciones de Luz, Caracas – Venezuela (photography and stereoscopy installation -
individual video art exhibition)
Urbanoscopia, Caracas – Venezuela (stereoscopy photography, painting and video art
installations - individual exhibition)
Fant 15, Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival, Bilbao – Spain (two animated short films)
Nontzefilmak 2009, Cinema and animated short films competition, Bilbao – Spain (two
Animated short films)
64 Salon Arturo Michelena, Ateneo de Valencia, Valencia – Venezuela (stereoscopic video art
VI Salon de Artes Visuales Dycvensa, Sala NG, Fundacion Celarg, Caracas – Venezuela (video
Art installation)
En cualquier vereda, Cuenca – Ecuador (photography, painting and video)
Transitar, Sala Sidor, Ciudad Guayana – Venezuela
I Salon Nacional Noveles Artistas Plasticos Banco Caroni, Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas-
Venezuela; Sala Sidor, Ciudad Guayana – Venezuela
En cualquier acera, Sala Fundacenaf (individual documentary exhibition, itinerant throughout
Venezuela, 2006-2007)
I Bienal del fuego, (collective art exhibition Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas- Venezuela)
Certamen Mayor de las Artes, (collective art exhibition Biblioteca Nacional, Caracas-Venezuela)
Documentary Photography exhibition individual, Casona Anauco Arriba, Caracas- Venezuela
Documentary Photography exhibition, individual, Sede de la Unidad de Enlace, Universidad de
Oriente, Caracas- Venezuela
Director of photography and editor of the short Todasana
Records Jazz Standards (lead guitar and producer)
2013. My stereoscopic business card design is featured in Chapter 2 of Reel Success: The
Ultimate Guide to Demo Reel Creation and Animation Portfolio Development by Cheryl
Cabrera, published by Focal Press (2013).
2009. Finalist in Nontzefilmak 2009, Cinema and animated short films competition, and selected
for Fant 15, Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival, both in Bilbao – Spain.


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