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"Marc Philipps is a man with many faces.
No matter how bizarre, silly or provocative the part may be, this jack-of-all-trades is without batting an eye even the most daunting challenge. Its strength lies in the improvisation, to paint out of nowhere an overall picture to be interesting for each viewer, humorous and bizarre at the same time. From seemingly impossible situation the native Bonner charmingly and skilfully gets rid of without rehearsal, defined borders and external aids.
Mr.Philipps is the quasi-Harry Houdini of the performer guild LOONATIX, no chains are too thick for this eloquent artist. Gathering numerous of experience in this area yet, the actor collected even more over the last nine years monthly in the avant-garde event series Loonyland which commits oneself to sophisticated electronic-music. Known for their breathtaking costumes and roles, Marc represents the heart of the 20-member ensemble in his function as chief performer. Whether in Frankfurt, Muenster, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hilden, Solingen, Aix En Provence (France), Antwerp (Belgium), Essen, Bottrop, Krefeld, Erkelenz, Bad Kissingen, Mannheim, Bonn, Bochum, Bielefeld, Fulda, Haltern am See, Hachenburg, Langenfeld, Dortmund, Sinzig, Paderborn, Aachen, Hamburg, Munich, Bad Honnef, Siegen or Bad Neustadt, he was all over the leader of the motley performer troupe on the road. In addition, he was allowed to prove his unfathomable ingenuity even for companies such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Absolut Vodka, Diesel, MTVNETWORKS Benelux, S. Oliver, SanDisk, Neverest, SWCtv, the international furniture fair IMM, the photokina, ART. FAIR 21 as Vernon Kaslakovsky in Cologne and Dusseldorf`s INTERNATIONAL TOP HAIR show. It makes no difference for him whether or not the space to be performed on is a bar, club, disco, hotel, cinema, award show, castle, radio studio, booth at a trade fair or even a church. Just to the contrary, without regard to loss he continues his highly energetic physicalness and makes a profit from the skill he possesses by converting it into creativity.
From 2008 on he performs with his own performance squad IMMACULATE MOVEMENT on numerous places such as Burg Satzvey for a special Halloween Performance.
Since 2010 Marc Philipps lives in Berlin and started being part of all different types of performances taking place in locations such as Uferhallen Wedding – GIMM (interactive installation), Polish Institute Berlin - Streik (political performance), Theaterforum Kreuzberg – Form it able (conceptual performance).
Also in 2010 he directed a perfomance for his new named artist collective ART VANDELAY for second time after 2008 at the 8th ART. FAIR 21 Vernissage with cc: creative camping and saturdays with CC: Crash:Conspiracy in collaboration with Ex-Blackmail singer Aydo Abay and Sebastian Büttner, screenwriter for german science-fiction serial "Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in Dir". In 2011 he contributed with his performance of „Unknown Piece“ in collaboration with portuguese visual artist André Uerba at Berlin’s urban art fair STROKE and ART. FAIR 21 in Colgne. He took part of the performance night „HOW TO PROPERLY LOVE / DESTROY SOMETHING“ with Epp Kubu (EST) & Johnny Amore (GER) for Epp's performance "A loves B, B doesn't love A, C loves A, A doesn't love C" at Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin. Also the same year he worked for BAYER Health Care in a dance performance with 15 other dancers and actors.
Since 2011 he is a part of Vinge / Müller / Reinholdtsen’s theatre company at Prater / Volksbühne Berlin who are known for their extreme intense plays which can last up to 12 hours. 2012 they were invited to the annual Theatertreffen with "JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN".
In 2012 he worked together with belgian painter Toon Leen as a curator in collaboration with St-Lukas Antwerp University College of Art and Design & University of Antwerp.
In 2013 he worked with dutch artist Aernout Mik in two mass performances. One for festival FORMER WEST „Untitled“ the other one „global prayers“ both at HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT Berlin.

Summer 2013: His performance squad ART VANDELAY pitched up their tent at BERLIN FESTIVAL / ART VILLAGE and opened up several adventure playgrounds on historic location of Airport Tempelhof.
In some parts of europe he is known for his „Ali G.“, „Borat“ and officially booked for international tourist fair ITB 2012 as „The Dictator“ impersonations of british actor Sacha Baron Cohen which he started 2008 and ended 2012 at ITB.
His great experience and routine makes Marc Philipps to a terribly versatile and amusing entertainer, for each occupation cultivated a true enrichment."
Ulrich Rauschenberger (music critic & event manager)

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