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Rome, Italy

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Working since 1999 in software development, prior working in sales and the hospitality industry. These have given me a substantial technical background with a strong focus on team building, customer and commercial awareness.

Speaking in technical and layman terms in German and English, e parlo un po 'di italiano, I have in-depth knowledge of Agile Software Development and its life cycle, and also enjoy very much bringing the technical and non technical worlds together. I am a lateral thinker who can operate outside the box to drive the evolution of your business forward.

I thrive while working in a busy pressurised environment, with the ability of thorough problem solving and great communication skills, high attention to detail, to motivate others and being self-motivated. I have fast experiences in managing and contributing to dynamic teams.

Being originally from Hamburg (Germany), have lived in London (UK) for twenty years and now moved to Rome. Outside my technical interests I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking and travel.

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