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Born into a family enveloped in the study of psychology, Marcus grew fascinated with human nature & character study at a young age. He began taking photos of his world by age 11 & by
15 he had bought his first video camera. Marcus filmed his friends & the journeys that ensued.

Marcus truly found his passion for the captured image in 2002, when he stumbled into a "filler" class, International Cinema at his local city college in Grass Valley, CA. He studied film at the SOMA
program at SBCC, communication at UCSB, and then onto Columbia College Chicago where he focused on Cinematography & Black Studies. While at CCC Marcus involved himself in many short films/ commercial shoots.

Marcus went on to shoot the award-winning short "Lioness of Lisabi" on location in Trinidad & Tobago.

He moved to LA in 2008 where he worked as the key sales editor for the nationally broadcast television station LATV as well as assistant directing their hit show Marcus shot his first feature
in early 2010.

Marcus' span of work includes feature narrative, feature doc, music videos, & Nat'l TV series/spots. Marcus still enjoys filmming with his friends.

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