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Porto, Portugal

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Welcome to MAR DENTRO, a modest, yet full of soul adventure!

This idea is so simple that it could have occurred to us during a stroll on the beach staring at the waves or just sitting around a table with our friends and a bottle of wine...

Nowadays we see nothing but consumption standards all around us: macro companies, big brands with big means and who speak to a massive audience. At MAR DENTRO we have a very distinct vision and we want to share with you.

We work in a small garage using only our brains and our hands, and this stands for a particular vision of surfing as a family and as a sustaining support network. We design and handcraft our products with local raw materials. And all of this has been accomplished with the precious help of our closest friends (designers, photographers …) without whom this adventure had never been the same…

A single fin and a tailor’s scissor stand for the spirit that compels us to create. Authenticity, simplicity and craftwork are words that define what we wish to bring to you.