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Born in Lisbon (Portugal) thirty four years ago, Margarida has grown up breathing Arts on the bosom of a family with an intense artistic activity over several generations.

With a bachelor’s degree in Design and Multimedia from EPI / ETIC (Professional School of Image / Technical School of Image and Communication), she received in 1998 the Award Creative Younsters by the Briefing Journal, with her campaign “Keep”. Since then, she keeps investing in her artistic training.

In 1998, Margarida started her professional career in MDI - Multimédia Design & Imagem Lda as an intern.
Fourteen years of creative work as MDI’s Designer and Creative, worked with multinationals such as Johnson&Johnson, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novo Nordisk, Remax and others.

Working also as a Freelancer since 2000, Margarida has designed and executed several Design and Multimedia projects for the public and private sector like Maternity Hospital Alfredo da Costa, Museum Joaquim Correia and the Arts and Crafts Institute of the Autonoma University of Lisbon.

Equally passionate by Cinema, Margarida gave training support to the Animation Film Club of Queijas high school in 1998. Since 2006 she has been actively developing her skills through several workshops like script writing, stop motion, makeup and film direction. She recently wrote and directed her first short movie which will be presented soon to the public.

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