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My new single “Never 2 Late” ft. John Oates is AVAILABLE NOW! Download the single here:

Mexican born, singer-songwriter, Margo Rey was raised in a multi-cultural environment in Dallas, Texas by two remarkable Mexican immigrant parents Alejandro Reymundo & Amparo Jurado de Reymundo who raised five outstanding artistic children who have made there mark in the world with their artistic expression.She surrounds herself in a fantastic extended loving family of friends and fellow artists. She is a recording artist for Organica Music Group (OMG/Fontana/Universal). OMG was founded by Margo, her husband, comedian, Ron "Tater-Salad" White and Record company pro, Michael Blakey. Margo is making her artistic and global dreams come true by spreading awareness and education through her art, humor, public speaking and philanthropy all in the name of making a positive difference in the world and lives of others. She speaks four languages and has sung in eight languages. She has not just survived but thrived through cancer twice and has her own video series called "Chemo-Glam". She has charted her songs on Billboard and MediaBase in Adult Contemporary (AC) Pop/ Dance & Holiday music charts 6 times in the last 24 months with her original compositions and arrangements, Habit, Get Back, Let The Rain, Between Us, This Holiday Night and most recently, Tempted. Her Artist statement:
"I came to name my music style, "Organica" "Organica", is my sound and my genre. It is based on
living in the moment on stage. Allowing the music and improvisation to
be a living breathing organism that is ever changing throughout the
performance with reciprocity from the audience. I literally saw its birth one night on stage while
performing one of my compositions with one of the many incarnations of
Jazz bands I had assembled. I created my sound which is an unorthodox
hybrid of adult Pop music that is deeply rooted in Jazz, thick RnB grooves,
ambient guitars and keys with lush vocal arrangements. It is all
created by humans not machines.... I want to sound like me, the artist, not like the software with which it was recorded."

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