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Margriet Kicks-Ass is the designer, builder, conductor and musical performer of her own soundsculptures. The physical power of sound is Margriet's inspiration source. Earlier work concerned research in magnetic fields & pneumatic sounds, now her themes are more resonance related. Especially the "quake-factor" or vibration behaviour of daily objects, to shape an audible landscape of sound layers.


I'm showing the sound source, visitors can literally see how the sounds are born without using effects. I'm playing with daily objects, juggling with the possible meaning in a dadaistic way. Mixing things which are normally not destined to be placed together, highlighting how easy it is to break free of daily life conventions and showing how automatisms are fixed in our behaviour without us being aware of any other options.

It is possible to make a composition with a selfmade object instead of traditional instruments. In that sense I'm trying to open up some prejudices about so called "music". Not opening the discussion if it is music or not, I'm able to play noises in such a way visitors enjoy the performance, or even dance, or discover and play themselves. A live sound research with visual ingredients put together in a sculpture. Presenting crossovers of different media: combining 3d-sculpture in a monumental way (visual) with soundart (audio) performance (theatre) and in future kinetic art (technology).

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