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  1. #loveLA

    by KPCC

    82 Videos 39 Members

    We want to see why you love Los Angeles! Add videos you've taken around L.A. and we'll mash them up into a megamix in October.

  2. +Animation+

    by Diego Cruz

    34.9K Videos 5,831 Members

    The Best Videos of last year! Special Thanks http://iwucha.com

  3. 01SHORTFILM___the group

    by Ale Corsini

    8,800 Videos 3,449 Members

    This group is dedicated to all those filmmakers that, abiding by or challenging traditional CINEMATIC conventions, strive to tell compelling and, needless to say, beautiful stories.


    by Andris Damburs ☮

    3,032 Videos 17.6K Members

    From Lumiere Brothers to contemporary cinema... a subjective view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors; documentary, "unknown" and underground cinema; music and animation…

  5. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari

    93.7K Videos 24.8K Members

  6. Animation

    by Dayan Paul

    10.2K Videos 2,031 Members

    This group is for independent animated film makers, and game makers looking to share their work, as well as ideas and experience in the field. I look forward to collaborating with all of you fellow…

  7. animation

    by Jaime Fernandez Muro

    13.6K Videos 2,491 Members

    Animation, 3d, vfx, Commercials stuff

  8. artistic social filmmakers

    by Ariane Jedlitschka

    8,297 Videos 2,378 Members

  9. Artistic Videos

    by Jan Chlupacek

    22.7K Videos 4,261 Members

    Videos around Vimeo that you found artistic and just worth watching.

  10. Bolex Central

    by Franck Deron

    450 Videos 343 Members

    The venerable Bolex lives here.

  11. Canon EOS 7D

    by Bernard Maltais

    44K Videos 11.1K Members

    Aug 26 2010 update: Interested in the Canon EOS 60D? Join the group: http://vimeo.com/groups/eos60d --- At first glance it looks a lot like the EOS 50D - it's unmistakably a member of…

  12. Cartoons

    by Matthew Tully

    2,942 Videos 606 Members

    Animated artwork with a heavy emphasis on character.

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