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Maria Bailey is originally from Venezuela and has been working as a professional international model for 18 years. Through out her constantly successful career she has worked with companies such as L'oreal, Pantene, Avon and MaryKay just to name a few. Today she continues to offer her unique versatility with a refreshing naturalness.
As an artist she is also known as MariaMia and on this path she has followed the guidance of an inner voice that has led her into abstract painting, writing, photography and film which creatively express her continued inquiry of some of the most essential questions about our existence and purpose. She is a self-taught artist and most of her work is done intuitively. Overcoming technical difficulties with serendipity.
Maria lives her life within the living metaphor where by all of creation speaks to her. What she shares is the intimate dialogue that occurs in this loving exchange. It is her aspiration that by sharing this love of hers she will inspire others to "see" beyond the concept of life into the living essence of all of Creation.