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Director of animation, live action and many strange and innovative hybrid forms in between. Directed hundreds of TV commercials and many multiple award winning short films and music videos, including Clio and BTA winning ads for the Post Office, BAFTA nominated SOHO SQUARE and CARMEN and D&AD winning interactive pieces, COMPAQ Bird Game and IdN Caffeine Society, as well as varied and diverse music videos for the likes of Charlene Soraia, Erasure, Lemon Jelly, Akira Kosemura and Pierre Boulez among others. Founder of animation company, Pizazz Pictures (aka Studio AKA) and latterly, Colony Media, which also represents directors Dave McKean, Ranko Anjelic and Rosto AD. Recently completed a series of animated films for the LONDON 2012, as well as short fine art films in collaboration with Battle Of The Eyes, dance films with choreographer, Karen Da Silva and among other things, continuing to explore the narrative and poetic potential colour, composition and blurry out of focus photography.

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  1. Very nice animation. Not sure you needed to include the live action, though. I think I would have liked it even better without.