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started in the 90s, this BMX band has since become a prominent player in the industry. Down their memory lane, MARIONEXXES has gone through plenty of maturing experiences; from losing their records in a Singapores police investigation to the arrest of their frontgirl, the band has got it all.
Their days ring in December 1997 with pioneering members including Ernie (vocals, lead guitar), DekDo (drums), Piko (bass), Johan (guitar, back-up vocals) and Joe (keyboard). Objectified towards making the sounds of happiness, the band came up with their first single in the same year, Bicycle Model X. Two years later in 1999, the band then came up with their baby release, STICKY SPOILLY THEPOPPYCOCK Rehearsal which contains 3 mega hits; Jalan Dobi, Marilyn Monroe and Freshie from Boarding School. Soon after, MARIONEXXES gained a larger fan base, entitling their baby a stepping stone award.
After having gone through few changes in their line-up, Marionexxes line has now been well-perfected, making their visibility becoming more formidable than ever. Lyrically influenced by Jarvis Cocker, MARIONEXXES is one musically versatile band. From Kassim Selamats melodies to current disco tech, the band owns them all.
MARIONEXXES music is one of the most original blends of melodies, adding a pointy uniqueness into their artworks. Being lyrically beautiful may have helped bridging MARIONEXXES to their fans, yet the most noticeable is their music. Its a breathtaking mix of unmatchable melodies! (Yeah, you can say so). This BMX band has been creating inimitable music, some may find it freaky, but most will find it freakily exquisite. BAND MUSIC X album was out on 9th September 2009 contains of 16 tracks digitally.
"Ride the BMX, Listens to MARIONEXXES

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