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Painter, Illustrator and graphic designer based in Naples, he graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples in 2009. From then on, he works and collaborates with best national and international brands and advertising agencies. Nonetheless, he still continues to produce art for his pure desire to create.

Graphic Design
Mario Sepe deals with graphic design at 360 °: Logo & Corporate Identity, Advertising, Packaging, Below the Line, Retouch, Illustrations, Art-Shirts, Web Design, Digital Publishing.
It has partnerships with agencies sector in Italy.

Mario Sepe, in his young artistic experience, proposes the gestural art as fundamental action of instinctual freedom of all those inner energies turned towards a positive constructivity of the existence. His works, formally rich of decorative principles have to their inside a carrying energy making them harmonious, lively, magnetizing. You can breathe the vital heartbeat of a subtended nature, invisible, but extremely present and live, re-invented for an innovative aesthetic future close, at your fingertips only if you just want to grasp it with determination.

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