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Market Analyst International Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Brisbane Australia. At Market Analyst our focus is solely on producing exceptional trading software for professional and retail traders alike. It is our constant pursuit of new advances in Technical Analysis that makes Market Analyst the leader in charting technology. We are committed to producing software that is exceptionally easy to use for a novice but extremely flexible for a power user.

At Market Analyst we have always believed in providing exceptional support for all of our products. We see that by offering free support the onus is on us to ensure that our products are designed in such a way that our clients do not need support. We live by the mantra that nothing is sacred in Market Analyst. If we feel that we can re-do something better then we will always expend resources to achieve that. Our Market Analyst products are under constant review.

As a company we believe in our own social responsibility. We regularly contribute to the work of aid and mission organisations to ensure that we help as many people as possible around the world. Market Analyst has contributed to the establishment of orphanages and hospitals in India, Market Analyst also sponsor SU in Australia in their work to put Chaplains in High Schools in Australia to ensure that our teenagers have someone they can talk to.

Most of all, Market Analyst is a place where we want to be real. There is no sleazy sales tactics, if you are a trader that needs the best tools then use Market Analyst, but we are not going to try to convince anyone to take something they do not need. We really only want to deal with traders who are advanced and know exactly what they are buying.

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