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Market Gallery is dedicated to delivering a year round programme of exhibitions and events which reflect the wide and changing nature of artists practice. It will embrace artists at all stages of their career in a range of contemporary concerns and issues.

Introducing artists from out-with the city, market will also act as a point of exchange, and participate in reciprocal projects / exhibitions groups based nationally and internationally.

Market Gallery has developed to meet the varied and individual needs of a specific place and at a specific moment in time. In response to this, the education programme aims to adopt a progressive approach which highlights a spectrum of practices and emphasises the role of art within urban developments and the potential of art as an agent of change.

An essential aspect of Market Gallery's existence is the role of artists and cultural practitioners working on a voluntary basis. A core group are working together to help determine the long term stability of the project and ensure that market makes an effective and meaningful contribution to the life and culture of the city of Glasgow.

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