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Mark E. Flowers earned his BFA in Studio Arts from The University of South Carolina in 1977 and his MFA in Painting from Western Michigan University in1979. Following his academic career, he has exhibited his work throughout the United States and in Europe, and in the Spring of 2010, exhibited his sixth one-person show with Hodges/Taylor Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. His relationship with that gallery now spans more then 28 years. Mark's work can be found in 23 public and over 300 private collections. Throughout his career he has won numerous awards for his art in both regional and national competitions. Most recently he was named one of the 100 Art Alumni for the Centennial Celebration at Western Michigan University.

His art teaching career parallels his art making. He has taught art at the
secondary and postsecondary levels for more than 32 years. While he has been a teacher of art, he has also chaired two fine arts departments and one painting department. His most recent teaching accomplishment is the Allen Zearn Distinguished Teaching Award at Mercersburg Academy.

While pursuing dual careers, he has served as a town councilman, volunteer firefighter, Little League baseball coach and president of a community recreational board. Along with his artist/wife, Kristy Higby, they have raised two sons, Carson and Morgan, who are now off learning to be artists themselves. Examples of Mark and Kristy’s work can be found on their website at

Mark has spent his adult life pursuing his art, teaching what he knows, and serving his community well. He maintains a strong exhibition record and is now more committed to making art than ever before. IN 2004, he and his wife purchased a hand-made log cabin just north of Asheville, NC in the community of Alexander. They spent the last five years renovating the cabin and just recently built a 1650 sq. ft. studio on the property. They are now “commuting” between their teaching jobs in Pennsylvania and their new home. Soon they hope to be full time residents of the creative community of Western North Carolina.

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