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  1. stydelgado@gmail.com
  2. Shelton Group

    Shelton Group Plus


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    Welcome to Shelton Group – a marketing agency where sustainable brands gain a market advantage. We work with some of the country’s most progressive companies, brands and utilities to define and leverage their energy efficiency and sustainability stories. How do we do it? With our finger…

  3. idrioema



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    idrioema is a multimedia project by Luigi Scotti & Teresa Águas. It has the objective to explore the sound giving to the sensorial organs not only a passive absorption but a true organic conscience of what the sound provokes interacting with themselves. It is the augmentation of…

  4. Pipo Tafel

    Pipo Tafel Köln


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    Pipo is a a creative thinker incorporating distinction, musicality and dynamics of dance and choreography in his multimedia work. Three different full-time academic education programs – media arts, contemporary dance and choreography – in Germany, France and Belgium brought him together with…

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