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Lebanese born and London based accessories designer, Mark Farhat, founded MARK/GIUSTI in 2009 with the aim to create a luxurious product that combines a perfect union between function, design and historic art. His passion for mosaics is largely influenced by his extensive travels throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe during his youth as the son of a diplomat. Attention to detail is Mark’s signature and this can be seen from the subtle contrast top stitching, to the specifically designed interior compartments and complimentary organizer bags for shirts, shoes and cables.

MARK / GIUSTI has become a firm favorite among fashion editors with a wide range of exposure in all major fashion publications such as Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Evening Standard and the Financial Times to name a few. Luxury Boutiques quickly spotted the brand and selected pieces are now also on display at The Savoy Hotel in London.

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