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Hello hello!! My name is Mark Higby and I am a left-handed boy from Las dream currently is to get out to Seattle, WA to live forever! I have an extensive photography background from shooting weddings here in Vegas for over 6 years. I am currently 23 years old and got really really close to getting my degree in Digital Photography, but decided to not complete the program for some reasons still unknown to me. :( I have an online photography site check it out and let me know what you think!!

I love self-expression and the arts, I want to create and create...I am currently getting obsessed with Cinema and attaching myself to the current trend of DSLR cinema. I shoot all NIKON (ALL THE WAY) I am working on some feature length projects, but like my school I tend to not finish what I started. I am trying to change the not finishing things about me. I want to attend Full Sail University and get a B.S. for Digital Cinematography. I would love to work in the film industry, but know I must work super hard to get there. No better time to start then now eh? Well I hope to get some videos up soon and I hope they are satisfactory!!


Mark(y) Higby

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