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Chicago, IL U.S.A.

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This is the way the world ends, this is the way the work bends, this is the way to weekends… not with a bang but a whimper.

(apologies to T.S. Eliot)

Mark S. Nielsen is a freelance writer, teacher, filmmaker, artist, musician, Rennaissance Man and all-around pain-in-the-ass from Chicago, IL. He currently resides in Chicago with his son Graham. He attends an ELCA (Lutheran) Church, a Catholic men’s group, now and then a funky Mennonite, Emergent or secular peace/justice or arts conference. He’s also a big supporter of the local music, art and poetry scene, and mentors college students, spirituality groups, and ecumenical/interfaith co-conspirators.

Mark has worked as a documentary film director and executive, a K-8 Mennonite school theater and P.E. teacher, a college writing and business/design teacher, a mall Santa Claus, and a pharmaceutical industry IT Project Manager. If you have any other ideas for what to do next, he IS entertaining suggestions.

He is presently at work on two novels, one work of nonfiction, two blogs, a business start-up, his curve-ball, and the reduction of the paunch around his midsection.

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  1. Saudi Arabia... the international elephant in the room... But this is an important and encouraging moment and heroic figure to give us a look at. Thank you.
  2. In a word: "Yay". Let's change the notion that doing good always leads to a second-rate business plan. Mercy is the new mother of invention.