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Born on 14 june 1991, I first fell in love with the commercial cinema and as i grew older i needed more. My passion took over my life and when everyone around expected me to go into the medical world, I followed my dream and studied Cinema.
Well you have to understand that in Lebanon my hometown country, Cinema is not a very common major and you would have a lot of trouble when going for it.
I happen to be a member of less fortunate family when it comes to financial issues and it has been 4 rough years trying to work a full time job and studying. However it is my obsession with cinema that kept me going.

I always loved provocative films that stays with you. These films that get to you, that moves you, that makes you think. And this is what i will be living to do. I want to spend my life servicing the art through my films.
My all time favorite director will have to be : Pier Paolo Pasolini. And his influence is quite present in my short film (Habibi).

I have already made a silent short film last year called: May God Forbid. It talks about 4 fictional characters as we follow them from the second they wake up until they all cross path in the same street in Achrafieh Sassine square where an explosion took place. That film is very dear to me since it is inspired by the true event of the explosion. I made it because i survived the explosion by seconds, as well as my sister and my father. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that we survived and others didn't. I felt responsible and made that silent film because language fails to describe the horror.

I hope with every year passing by i would be adding more synopsis to this profile page. Thank you for reading.


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