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Berkeley, California

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Mark Kohr as a child loved movie musicals - Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse were his favorites. He studied fine art photography and business at San Francisco State University (a wonderful discount U) and went on to learn the craft of film-making at Colossal Pictures in San Francisco as a grip, electrician and camera assistant. He worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas as a lighting camera assistant and other feature films. Mark started directing Music Videos in the late 80s and founded the San Francisco based production company Fire Ball Films. After directing a dozen music videos, Mark was given the opportunity to direct a video for a new Warner Brothers band called Green Day. With that video Mark's career took off. He soon signed for representation with Propaganda/Satellite films in Hollywood among other top directors of the day such as Spike Jones and David Fincher, where he directed dozens of music videos for top 40 bands of all kinds. Mark's childhood passion materialized. He found himself directing the contemporary Musicals of the day and he was having an intensely wonderful time doing it. Mark went on to co-founded Bob Industries in Santa Monica with a group of directors to produce top commercials and music videos. These videos represent a portion of Mark's work. Enjoy.


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