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Pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger and collaborator from Berkshire, UK. I make intelligent, diverse and occasionally theatrical arty pop stuff - usually with other people singing - and release it through my own label Substantive Recordings.

Some of it is quirky, some of it political, some of it deeply melancholic; a lot of it is quite beautiful. I'm not overly interested in sticking to one genre box, even if that is what 'marketing strategies' demand. Whatever happened to artistic exploration?

For musical comparison, think Kate Bush, Rufus Wainwright, The Divine Comedy, The Magnetic Fields, Radiohead, Pink Martini etc. As this list suggests, a fair amount of my stuff veers into classical crossover territory, but without the wet T-shirts and pouting. Piano and strings tend to feature prominently.

More recently I have begun devising videos for my music. Initially this was choreographic collaborations and some stop-motion animation, but it has moved on to puppetry and drag-zombie lip-synching since. Where it goes next is anyone's guess, but it should be vaguely entertaining.

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