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“We like to put things in a box — and we do that with our own lives too, we classify things — but it’s all art to me".
A photographer is someone who takes photographs. 
These days, anybody can be a photographer, and the reciprocal is also true—a photographer can be anybody. It's too bad the term "artist" is so loaded, because it's a term we need. Some good photographers reject the word. 

Marko Tardito has naturally overcome all these boundaries between, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, director, painter. The beauty of Marko's work is the mix of different sensations, tactile, physical, expressive, combined with modern technology.

"We try to define things and make it easier for our mind to digest them."
Marko Tardito's universe doesn't have traditional boundaries but only the one's that derive from his sensibility and continuous research of harmony.  

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