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Mark Spatny is an Emmy winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer. Most recently he was the creative lead for the visual effects on the NBC series Heroes Reborn. Prior to that he supervised VFX for the USA Network series ‘Dig’, FOX's 'Gracepoint', the BBC’s iconic series ‘Doctor Who’, and 'Phantom' a feature film about a cold war era Soviet submarine starring Ed Harris. He has worked in computer graphics for over 20 years, on more than 300 hours of television and 17 feature films. He currently holds the position of VP, Digital Effects for Stargate Studios, a visual effects company with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Atlanta, Malta, Berlin, and Dubai.

Outside of work, Mark has been a tireless advocate for the VFX industry. He is a three term governor of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He helped create the Visual Effects Society Awards and has served as its co-chair. He has lectured on television effects production for the DGA, SIGGRAPH, the University of Southern California, The San Diego Comic Con, and in London for the BBC Children’s Festival.

Mark also serves his community by working with the American Red Cross and the LA County Sheriff’s CERT program. He has managed evacuation shelters during several wildfire incidents, including Southern California’s 160,000 acre Station Fire.

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